• The World Renowned Food Critic – R.W.Apple Jr
    The World Renowned Food Critic – R.W.Apple JrThe New York Times

    The homey highlight of a thoroughly unpretentious meal was a hunk of thrillingly juicy Bangalow Sweet Pork, Australia’s finest”

    • The Master of Master Butchers – Pino Tomini Foresti
      The Master of Master Butchers – Pino Tomini ForestiPino's Dolce Vita

      Pino’s Dolce Vita – named most outstanding food store in Australia at the Delicious Produce Awards 2014

      “Bangalow Sweet Pork is the Best Quality Pork in Australia by far, we make & sell the best¬†meats and smallgoods so we need the best raw materials”

      • The Celebrity Chef – Matt Moran
        The Celebrity Chef – Matt MoranAria, My Kitchen Rules

        “My favourite one being the Bangalow Sweet Pork Company which is producing some of the best pork this country has seen in a long, long time”

        • The VIP Caterer – Sarah Swan
          The VIP Caterer – Sarah SwanThe 100 Mile Table

          ” I just wanted to drop a quick line and say thank you so much for the beautiful pork you supplied to us a few weeks back. It was beautifully received at the VIP we did and a fantastic product”

          • The Ramen Guru – Taro Akimoto
            The Ramen Guru – Taro AkimotoTaro's Ramen & Cafe

            “We really are happy to testify how superb Bangalow Sweet Pork is”

            • The Consumer
              The ConsumerAlison Francis - Brisbane

              “I still maintain it’s the best pork I have ever eaten (others should eat it too!”

              Find out for yourself why the Best Butchers, the Best Chefs, the Best Food Critics & the Best Food Outlets use Bangalow Sweet Pork by visiting one of our retail stockists.